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Colombian girdles molding, reducing and postpartum. Compresses abdomen and waist. Lifts buttocks and bust.
Ann Chery | Fajas M&D | Leonisa | Fervent



Ann Chery® Colombian Girdle Latex Classic Waistband 3 Hooks 2021

$ 1,079.00

Ann Chery® Colombian Body Shaper Melissa 5166

$ 1,739.00

Ann Chery® Colombian Girdle Latex Vest 2027

$ 1,299.00

Ann Chery® 4015 Deluxe Classic Waist Belt

$ 1,059.00

Ann Chery® Colombian Body Shaper Body Mara 5146

$ 1,739.00

Ann Chery® Body Karol with Control Band 5139

$ 2,159.00

Ann Chery® Colombian Latex 3 Hooks Sports Waist Girdle 2023

$ 1,079.00

Ann Chery® Classic Latex Waist Belt 2025

$ 939.00
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From Colombia to the World

Colombian girdles are considered to be garments of exquisite quality and unique style. In general, Colombian girdles are created with the purpose of giving beauty and at the same time, to be comfortable for the wearer.

Wedding Night?

Whether for everyday wear or for a stellar night out, you can get the support you need from girdles of any compression level, gently smoothing from small bumps to several inches around the waist.

Helps burn calories

According to a group of researchers from the University of Virginia, a group of women wore a "body shaper" while exercising and showed that they burned more calories. The study postulates that the girdle makes it harder for the muscles to work, which results in a higher calorie burn.

Back support

It's no secret that many girdles provide extra support in the lower and upper back and this could be just what the doctor ordered after a long day at the office sitting in front of your computer. Better posture will not only make you look better and feel more confident, but it will also reduce back pain.

Surgeries and Post Partum

If you've just had a baby or have had recent surgery, any latex girdle will help you get your body back into the shape you've always wanted. The compression of the girdle reduces stress on your body's muscles while preserving elasticity, which translates into a faster postpartum recovery.

Body and Mind

We are women, so naturally we want to stand out when we wear a fantastic outfit. Girdles that get rid of our weak points, while highlighting the rest of our best attributes are the best for a good confidence boost. Feeling good mentally is fundamental to good health.


Real women, real bodies.